The Changing of Times

They say that if you’re under twenty-five and a republican you don’t have a heart, but if you’re over twenty-five and a democrat you don’t have a brain. I don’t know if the numbers are necessarily accurate, but the overall idea is spot on. As a high-school journalist, I was always on the left of all arguments; I wrote frequent op-ed pieces that my readers would be shocked to see if they ever surface.

I remember one that ranted against the presence of military recruiters in high-school cafeterias, and while well-written it now would be viewed as droll that I would rally against and dissect. If I think back long enough I’m almost positive that I can pull a direct quote. The one I blew up as an attractive quote to draw the reader in to read the piece. “They are putting guns in the hand of children who should be holding books, war strategies into the minds of students which should be holding math equations.”

I was so young and idealistic. I thought that everyone should have everything and that if they didn’t have it it was our responsibility to give it to them. It was funny for me to speak of responsibility then because I had none and I had no concept of what that word even really meant. But I would chime on about how it was the responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor, how the world needed free healthcare and sugary treats should be falling from the sky. Ok, I made that last part up.

The thing is, without having a job and trying to make ends meet its easy to say what should be done with the taxes the government takes in. It wasn’t until I got out there in the world, at the age of seventeen, and actually started working and therefore paying taxes that I discovered why conservatism makes sense. I no longer wanted to support those who refused to do so in themselves. I still wanted to help those in need, but I no longer felt that it was the government’s responsibility. Today, I donate to a fund once a month that is specifically given to those in need. If everyone did this, there would be no need for TANF and SNAP.

But it just isn’t my opinion on taxes and money and all the number crunching that changed. As I have prepared for, agreed to, and now ventured into family life I have watched my opinions, values, morals, and even thought processes change. At 17, it made sense that whatever I wanted to do was what I should do. Whatever felt good, I did it. And it made sense to me. No one else was EVER going to watch out for me like I would, or so I had convinced myself; I chose my needs over everyone around me and as they left from around me they fulfilled my own prediction that no one had my back. It was a vicious cycle.

Its amazing the way we change. I don’t want to give too much away in this first entry: there is enough on the About Me page. Let’s just say the transformation I have been through in the last two years, set up by the ten years journey before, can only be attributed to one thing: my Father in Heaven.

Oooooooh, had you till that one huh? I figure some of the people who stop in to my corner of the internet will leave once the topic of God shows up. And that is what I’m going to have to risk. Here you’ll get a lot of topics eventually covered I’m sure. But there are a few that I can guarantee you’ll find here. If not specifically addressed every week, I can guarantee they are in there… you just have to look.

  1. The way becoming a father is changing my life.
  2. The way joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has changed and is changing my life.
  3. The past that still haunts me in many ways, and propels me to success in others.
  4. The strange background I have.
  5. My twisted sense of humor.
  6. My passion for conservatism, free trade, the Moral Majority, journalistic ethics, and freedom of religion and guns.

If those are some of the interests that you share or they don’t outright disgust you… stick around. Because the one thing I can’t quite sell you on (you’ll just have to stick around to see it) is the enjoyment you’ll find in following me as I strive to stand tall in this falling world. As I remain Proud to be Right.


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